TivoliVredenburg Own Risk Declaration

The Undersigned, market stallholder (hereinafter “the Participant”) at the organised event (“the Event”) Utrecht Early Music Exhibition 2022 during the Utrecht Early Music Festival, which will take place inside the building of the TivoliVredenburg Foundation (“TV”) from September 2 up to and including September 4 2022 declares to have taken note of the contents of the participant information sheet prior to the start of the Event and to agree to its contents.

  1. If, despite the provisions below 3, it is established that TV is liable for damage suffered by the Participant and caused during the Event, said liability towards the Participant will be confined to direct damage. Indirect damage, including loss of income, value reduction and claims of third parties, is excluded.

  2. Entirely without obligation and at the Participant’s own expense and risk, TV offers the Participant the possibility to store instruments, accessories and other goods brought and held by the Participant in a room inside the building, specifically designated for that purpose by TV, outside the opening hours of the Event. TV is not liable for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the Participant and caused during the Event, expressly including damage caused outside the opening hours, in- or outside the designated storage room, except in the case of wilful intent or deliberate recklessness on the part of TV.

  3. In a separate (digital) message, TV will inform the Participant in more detail about the practical matters regarding the Event, so as to ensure that participation in the Event will be smooth and pleasant.

  4. Next to the Event, TV will organise other events in its building, simultaneously or not. The Participant will be responsible for the fact that instruments, accessories and other goods brought remain undamaged and for protecting these against unauthorised use and theft, through an insurance policy or in any other way.

  5. All disputes related to the liability of TV towards the Participant are subject to Dutch law and will be submitted exclusively to the competent Court of the District Court of Midden-Nederland, Utrecht location.

Completed truthfully and signed by the Participant:

Utrecht, …………………………………………      [date]

Name of Participant: …………………………………………      [if not a natural person, the person signing must declare to be the authorised legal representative of the Participant] 


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