Reglement Internationaal Van Wassenaer Concours 2022

(English only)

1. The competition consists of three parts: qualifying round - semi-final round - final round

2. The competition is open to instrumental and vocal ensembles. Participating ensembles may consist of maximum eight persons. An individual musician may participate in a maximum of two ensembles. The participants should make use of original instruments or good replicas. The age limit for participants is 33 years as of the dates of the competition (applies to all members of the ensemble).

3. The repertoire for the International Van Wassenaer Competition 2022 (Late edition) should consist of music from the Classical and Romantic period.
4. The jury wishes to emphasise the importance of playing the repertoire, where possible, in its original instrumentation. An ensemble may be disqualified for using inappropriate instrumentation. If an arrangement or alternative version is played this has to be specified including name of the arranger on the application form.

To register the applicant should:
5. Fill out the form on the website and wire the € 50,00 registration fee (nett, excl. banking costs) as detailed on the form.
6. Submit a recording of the ensemble with a minimum length of 30 minutes. The recording should consist of music of your own choice from the aforementioned period. Recordings may be submitted as mp3 files (with a good bitrate) or audio cd.
7. Submit a photo of the ensemble with a minimum size of 300 DPI at 10x10 cm. The photograph should show all members of the ensemble.
8. On registering, every participant should present programme proposals for the semi-final and final rounds. These programmes should be entered on the entry form, clearly stating composer with full name and dates, title of the piece with names of all movements and their exact lengths and scoring. Programme proposals for the semi-final and the final rounds should have a length of 40 minutes each. The jury will make a selection from the programme proposals to be played during the semi-final and the final rounds.
9. Registration deadline is 1 May 2022. Registration is fully effective only after the qualifying round. Participants will be notified accordingly before 31 July 2022.

Qualifying Round 
10. The qualifying round will take place by judging the recordings submitted.
11. A maximum of 12 participating ensembles will proceed to the semi-finals.

12. In the semi-finals each participating ensemble will play a programme lasting 15-20 minutes.
13. The jury will decide which work(s) to play from the programme proposal for the semi-final as submitted through the application form.
14. Ensembles playing a programme longer than the allotted time of 20 minutes will be curtailed by the jury. This includes entering stage, tuning and stage changes.
15. With reference to regulation #3, the jury may ask an ensemble to resubmit a programme prior to being admitted into the semi-final.
16. The outcome of the semi-final round will be announced by the chairman of the jury.

Final round 
17. A maximum of four participants/ensembles will proceed through to the final.
18. Each ensemble admitted to the final will play a programme lasting 25-30 minutes.
19. Ensembles playing a programme longer than the allotted time of 30 minutes will be curtailed by the jury.
20. The jury will decide which work(s) to play from the programme proposal for the final round as submitted through the application form.

21. The jury consists of at least five persons with different instrumental backgrounds.
22. The outcome of the final will be announced by the chairman of the 'Stichting Internationaal Van Wassenaer Concours' or anyone appointed to do so by the chairman.
23. The decision of the jury is final. There can be no correspondence concerning the outcome.
24. The jury reserves the right not to award one or more prizes.
25. Any participant seeking contact with one or more members of the jury before or during any round of the competition will be disqualified.

26. All participants must be available for the whole duration of the competition, should another participant be disqualified.
27. Participants are expected to participate in / be present at all performances throughout the competition.
28. The jury will inform participants of performances during the competition.
29. Concert performance dress is obligatory during all official parts of the competition including all rounds and including the award ceremony after the final round. Stage presentation will be one of the facets reviewed by the jury. 
30. (Nearly) all parts of the competition are staged as public concerts. Live or deferred television, radio and web broadcasts and CD recordings may be made during all parts of the competition without prior consent of the ensemble.



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