Ricercar Consort

Tonos humanos: the triumph of Sebastián Durón  

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Ricercar Consort

It was in Seville that Sebastián Durón enjoyed the musical training that would catapult him into the upper echelon of Spanish Baroque. Durón carved himself a unique niche in the musical pantheon with his Tonadas or Tonos humanos: arias for voice and basso continuo with instrumental colour accents. Gambist Philippe Pierlot, soprano Yetzabel Arias and an outstanding string ensemble lead the dance of love around this Iberian icon. 



  • Sebastián Durón

    Frondoso laurel
    Ay de mi santos cielos / Ay de los hombres
    Oye escucha / Yo no puedo
    Si el susto, si el ansia

  • Juan Hidalgo

    De las luces que en el mar

  • Antonio Martín y Coll

    Entrada de Bretons – Canarios – Danza del âcha instrumental

    ?-after 1733
  • Sebastián Durón

    Quantos teneis al rigor
    Sosieguen, descansen
    Baya pues rompuendo el ayre

    Programme subject to change


  • Yetzabel Arias soprano
  • Giovanna Pessi arpa tripla
  • Daniel Zapico guitar
  • Philippe Pierlot viola da gamba, musical direction

About the performers

‘Seeking out’ (ricercar) promoted to art form: that has been the foundation and essence of the Ricercar Consort ever since the ensemble was formed in 1980. Four decades later, what started with Bach has grown into an ever-enthusiastic exploration of a wide range of baroque music, focusing on 17th-century repertoire. Whether it is chamber music or opera, the Ricercar Consort wants to affect, move and inspire people, and under the guidance of gambist Philippe Pierlot manages again and again to bring that mission to a successful conclusion.  

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