Festival Oude Muziek Markt 2024

Information for exhibitors

Information for exhibitors

During the Festival Oude Muziek Markt instrument makers, music publishers, music stores and booksellers expose their valuables in the festival center in TivoliVredenburg. This way the exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to observe and even try historical musical instruments.

The exhibition will be held on the last three days of the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht (Friday 30 August to Sunday 1 September) and is located in TivoliVredenburg on and around Park 6. This is the same location as in 2023. The deadline for applying for the Festival Oude Muziek Markt 2024 is Friday 24 May. You can find more information about applying below.

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Exhibitors are divided into two categories.

Category A: books, sheet music, cd's, etc.
Category B: professional instrument makers

Units for rent
There are three types of units for rent.
Type 1: a single table (200x80cm)
Type 2: 1 harpischord + 1 small table (90x60cm)
Type 3: 2 small organs + 1 small table (90x60cm)

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Prices are as follows.
Category A: books, sheet music, cd's, etc.
First unit € 345
Optional second unit € 230

Category B: professional instrument makers
First unit € 230
Optional second unit € 155

All prices are excl. 21% VAT.

NB: There is a maximum of two units per exhibitor and a maximum of two keyboard instruments per exhibitor.

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You can register via this form. After you complete the form, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement of receipt. The deadline for registration is Friday 24 May.
In the week of 1 July, we will send the invoice to all exhibitors by e-mail. In the meantime, we will provide you with information about the upcoming market in the form of various newsletters. You can expect these newsletters at the following times:

- Newsletter 1: in the week of 22 April
- Newsletter 2: in the week of 21 May
- Newsletter 3: in the week of 29 July

Register for the exhibition

Terms and conditions for exhibitors
The exhibition is held in a public space with thousands of visitors. Even though we will provide onsite security guards and a collective storage room for safekeeping your goods after hours, the Festival Oude Muziek and TivoliVredenbrug cannot guarantee security and cannot be held accountable for any damage or theft of your merchandise. We work closely with TivoliVredenburg. Therefore, we kindly ask exhibitors to accept the TivoliVredenburg Own Risk Declaration on the application form.

Click here for the Tivolivredenburg Own Risk Declaration.

Please note: during the Festival Oude Muziek Markt photographers will be taking pictures that may be used for publicity purposes of the Festival Oude Muziek. By applying you agree with this.


Did you know that it is also possible for our exhibitors to advertise with us? The perfect promotional addition to your exhibition stand!

There is still limited advertising space available in both the festival brochure, the program book and the festival guide. With an advertisement in one of these publications, you will reach a wide audience of early music enthusiasts. If you are interested, please contact Vera Vos, Head of Marketing and Communications: The rate card can be found at