With each Toegift (meaning both ‘encore’ and ‘gift’) we will pay for a concert ticket for someone with limited financial resources.


Donate a concert ticket

We want everyone to enjoy the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht. That's why this year the festival is once again presenting 'De Toegift'. For € 12,50, you give people with limited financial resources the chance to attend one of our concerts.

With the money we raise this way, we pay for tickets for people with less financial means. We work together with De Tussenvoorziening, Buddy to Buddy Utrecht, COA Haydnlaan, De Armoedecoalitie, Welkom in Utrecht, Oog voor Utrecht, COA Biltsestraatweg and Sociale Tafel Lombok.

Give a Toegift

'Geef een Toegift' came about at the initiative of the United Performing Arts Festivals, the alliance of more than 40 national festivals, and underlines the connecting power of art and culture.