Hathor Consort

Sufi-traditions across borders

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Hathor Consort

Just like spirituality, music opens the door to the indefinable. Hathor Consort explores in sound and video the Sufi music from Turkey and Syria, which found its way to Europe in the Middle Ages. In search of the universality of musical traditions, the collective led by gambist Romina Lischka embraces the ceremonial practice of Sufi dancers and their devotion to dhikr: a prayer that opens the door to surrender and enlightenment. 


  • Mia irmana fremosa, treides comigo

    Music & text: Martin Codax fl. 1240-70

  • Raga Bihag

    Romina Lischka

  • Vocal improvisation

    Maqam Nihavend

  • Mwashah ya Mona

    Maqam Nihavend, Usul 9/8

  • Mwashah khadoka Alnadi

    Maqam Nihavend, Usul 8/8

  • Mwashah Om ya nadim

    Maqam Nihavend, Usul Yurok 6/8

  • Mwashah Ya naesa

    Maqam Nihavend, Usul 19/4

  • Raga Bhairav - Shiva adi


  • Taksim Ney

    Maqam Saba 

  • Mwashah Alinaya

    Maqam Saba, Usul Yuruk Semai 6/8

  • Hijaz Mevlevi Ayin-i Serif’i

    Nayi Osman Dede 1652-1730

  • Son Yürük

    Yürük Semai

  • Mwashah Yaraei Alzyba

    Maqam Hijaz, Usul Yurok Samai 6/8
    Kamel Al-Kholaei 20th century

  • Eno sagrado, en Vigo

    Text: Martin Codax / Music: Vivabiancaluna Biffi

  • Vocal improvisation

    Maqam Bayati

  • Mwashah Jalla Man

    Maqam Bayati, Usul Dawr Hindi 7/8

  • Quand’eu vejo las ondas

    Text: Rui Fernandes de Santiago / Music: Vivabiancaluna Biffi

  • Raga Bhairavi – Jod

    Romina Lischka

  • Raga Bhairavi – Alap

    Romina Lischka

  • Ua dona que eu  quero gram bem

    Text: Paio Gomes Charinho 13th century / Music: improvisation on the theme ‘Ondas do mar de Vigo’

  • Vocal improvisation

    Maqam Hijaz 

  • Mia irmana fremosa, treides comigo

    Martin Codax

  • Vocal improvisation

    Maqam Hijaz

    Programme subject to change


  • Oruc Surucu, Ebubekir Surucu semazen
  • Viva Biancaluna Biffi soprano, fiddle
  • Khaled Alhafez Syrian vocals
  • Tammam Mohamed Al Ramadan Syrian ney
  • Tristan Driessens Turkish oud
  • Romina Lischka dhrupad vocals, viola da gamba, artistic direction

About the performers

The Hathor Consort was founded in 2012 by Romina Lischka. Under her artistic direction, the consort devotes itself to Renaissance and Baroque music centred around the viola da gamba. At the same time, the group seeks new ways of expression in which this refined chamber music repertoire of European origin is combined in multidisciplinary and intercultural concert forms with early music from other continents and with contemporary music, world music and dance.

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