Business sponsorship

As a sponsor of the Organisatie Oude Muziek you are actively supporting cultural life in the Netherlands. At the same time your sponsorship offers you many opportunities to enhance your company’s image and thereby to increase its brand value.

Sponsor the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht
You can become a sponsor of the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht in various ways. For example, you can choose to earmark your contribution for one particular concert or ensemble, or we can organize special lectures and receptions for you during the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht. It is also possible to book a private concert for your business relations and employees. We’d be glad to discuss the possibilities with you. Feel free to contact Hester Wolters via or +31 30 232 90 00.

Business donations
Certain companies and organizations are able to deduct donations for tax. To support us by means of a business donation, please contact Hester Wolters via or on +31 30 232 90 00. You determine the size of your donation yourself, of course, but please note that with a limited company the deductibility of donations is restricted. For this reason it may be more advantageous to advertise, for instance, or to sponsor several activities. Via this website you can easily calculate what your tax benefit would be.

You can find all information regarding advertising here.