Ricercar Consort / Philippe Pierlot

Correa de Arauxo between key and string

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Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg / Hertz
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Ricercar Consort

Francisco Correa de Arauxo can be considered one of Seville's musical monuments. Remarkably, this illustrious organist/composer wrote exclusively for keyboard. One can only dream of what his visionary, rhythmically complex and imaginatively decorated style could have produced in other settings. Philippe Pierlot takes up the gauntlet and translates the master's intimate chiaroscuro for gamba consort.


  • Francisco Correa de Arauxo

    Tiento de primero tono, FO 1 
    Tiento tercero de sexto tono, sobre la Batalla de Morales, FO 23 
    Tiento de quarto tono por elami a modo de cancion, FO 16 
    Glosas sobre el canto de la Immaculada Concepcion, FO 69 
    Tiento de quarto tono, FO 15 

  • Antonio de Cabezón

    Diferencias sobre el canto de La Dama le Demanda 
    Pavana con su glosas
    Diferencias sobre la Gallarda Milanese 

  • Sebastián Aguilera de Heredia

    Tiento de batalla

    Programme subject to change



  • Lucile Boulanger, Anna Lachegyi, Myriam Rignol viola da gamba
  • Philippe Pierlot viola da gamba, muzikale leiding

About the performers

‘Seeking out’ (ricercar) promoted to art form: that has been the foundation and essence of the Ricercar Consort ever since the ensemble was formed in 1980. Four decades later, what started with Bach has grown into an ever-enthusiastic exploration of a wide range of baroque music, focusing on 17th-century repertoire. Whether it is chamber music or opera, the Ricercar Consort wants to affect, move and inspire people, and under the guidance of gambist Philippe Pierlot manages again and again to bring that mission to a successful conclusion. 

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