Ticket sales information

Concert tickets van be bought via the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht. In some cases, you can also buy and/or reserve concert tickets through the local organisation or concert hall. Tickets for the concerts in Belgium can only be ordered through the venues themselves.

Ordering tickets

Ordering online
You can order tickets via the concert calendar. For detailed instructions, see the step-by-step guide to ordering tickets online.

Ordering by telephone
You can order tickets by telephone at +31 30 232 90 10, Mon-Fri from 10.00 to 16.00. For the Festival Oude Muziek Tournees, you can order by telephone directly from the start of sales. For the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht, you can order by telephone from the start of the general sale. You can choose between e-tickets and tickets by post (see below). If you order tickets for a concert that takes place within five working days, shipment by post is no longer possible. You can still order e-tickets or make a reservation that you pay for at the concert location. Please note: reservations should be collected at least 15 minutes before the start of the concert.

Ordering in writing
Fill in and post the order form included with the printed festival brochure or via an e-mail to kaartverkoop@oudemuziek.nl. You can choose between e-tickets and tickets by post (see below). Once we have processed your order, you will receive a summary of your order including a payment link. It is also possible to pay via bank transfer. If you indicate this preference on the order form, we will send you the instructions.

Delivery and administrative costs
After selecting your tickets, you can pay with iDEAL, credit card or PodiumCadeaukaart. You can opt for either:

  • E-tickets: you pay € 2 per order and receive an e-mail via which you can download your e-tickets. Make sure to bring your e-ticket to the concert in printed form or on your smartphone.
  • Tickets by post: you pay € 4,50 per order and receive a confirmation via e-mail. The tickets will be sent to you by post within a few weeks. For concerts taking place within five days after ordering, postal delivery is no longer possible. You can still order e-tickets or make a reservation by telephone.

Returning tickets
If you are unable to attend a performance, you may exchange your tickets for any other concert currently on general sale with us. Any difference in price will be settled. You can also exchange your tickets for a credit to spend at that year's festival or during the current season. If you cancel tickets before a sold-out concert or in case of special circumstances, the tickets will be refunded. In all cases, we must receive your exchange request at least two hours prior to the performance. All exchanges must be requested via kaartverkoop@oudemuziek.nl or by telephone at +31 30 232 90 10 (available Monday to Friday from 10.00-16.00).

Rates and discounts

Seating categories and allocation
At some concert venues seats are divided in different ranks. Seats in rank 1 offer the best view of the musicians, whereas seats in rank 2 are somewhat less favourable but cheaper. Your ticket always states whether there is allocated or open seating.
If you order tickets online for a concert with allocated seating, you can choose your own seats. If you order by telephone, order form, or via e-mail, you can also mention any seating preferences you have.

Subscription series and discount
During the Festival Oude Muziek Tournees, you enjoy early music at a reasonable price. We offer location-specific subscription series for cities hosting four or more concerts. You can also opt for a flexible subscription. If you order tickets for at least four different concerts, you are entitled to a 20% discount. Please note: if you order online, this discount will not be applied automatically; you can select the 20% discount rate yourself.

Discount for Friends of Early Music

As a Friend, you can order tickets with discount. You can redeem this discount by filling in your unique Friend code. This code has been sent to you by e-mail and is also stated on your Friend card. If you have lost your Friend code, you can request it via vrienden@oudemuziek.nl or +31 30 232 90 10 (Mon-Fri, 10.00-16.00). The Friend discount is valid for two tickets per concert.

Reduced rates
Students, CJP holders, and visitors under the age of 31 can order tickets at a reduced rate for most concerts. You will be asked to show the relevant document when entering the concert venue.


We are doing our utmost to make the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht as accessible as possible. We are achieving this by making venues physically accessible to everyone, but also by removing other potential barriers to concert attendance. You can find more information about the accessibility of our concerts on this page. If you still have any suggestions or remarks, please contact us via info@oudemuziek.nl.

Walking disabilities
For visitors who have difficulty walking, we often keep some easily accessible seats in reserve. You can only order these seats by phone, in writing or by e-mail. If you have difficulty walking, need extra legroom, or prefer a specific seat for any other reason, please contact us at kaartverkoop@oudemuziek.nl or +31 30 232 90 10 (available Mon-Fri, 10.00-16.00).

Wheelchair access
If you wish to make use of an allocated wheelchair space, you can order your tickets exclusively by telephone, e-mail or order form. Please contact us at kaartverkoop@oudemuziek.nl or +31 30 232 90 10 (available Mon-Fri, 10.00-16.00).

The Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht sees it as its responsibility to protect your privacy. On this page, you can read more about how we do this.

Stay informed
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