Cappella Pratensis & Sollazzo Ensemble

The feast of the swan | 25 - 30 Nov 2024

Cappella Pratensis & Sollazzo Ensemble

The feast of the swan
That Brabanders are true Burgundians, that we already knew. But that 's-Hertogenbosch was once the epicentre of Low Countries music practice as well as gastronomy is less well known. The southern Dutch city with its abundance of churches and monasteries ('little Rome') possessed both a magnificent choir and a delicacy no less magnificent: the swan, the showpiece of the Illustrious Brotherhood of our Blessed Lady's annual banquet. With the Sollazzo Ensemble as its ‘marching band’, Cappella Pratensis invites you to a tasty return trip to the Renaissance.

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Programme & Musicians

Cappella Pratensis
Tim Braithwaite, Andrew Hallock superius
Lior Leibovici altus
Peter de Laurentiis tenor
Marc Busnel bassus
Stratton Bull artistic direction

Sollazzo Ensemble
Filipa Meneses vihuela d’arco
Mara Winter flute
Christoph Sommer lute
Anna Danilevskaia artistic direction, vihuela d’arco

Benedictus Appenzeller c1480/88-after 1558
Kyrie (from: Missa ‘Ick had een boelken uutvercoren’)

Anonymous 16th century
Song: Ick had een boelken uutvercoren

Jheronimus Vinders fl 1525-6
Sanctus (from: Missa ‘Fors seulement’)

Matthaeus Pipelare c1450-c1515
Chanson: Fors seulement

Jheronimus Vinders
Agnus Dei (from: Missa ‘Mijns liefkens bruijn ooghen’)

Benedictus Appenzeller
Song: Mijns liefkens bruijn ooghen

Programme subject to change