Day of the English baroque

22 & 23 February 2025 | Utrecht & Amsterdam

Day of the English Baroque

Whether we found it difficult to fill a day with English Baroque? Very much so. ‘Choice overload,’ as it's called. Because even between the polyphony of the Tudor composers and the classical creations of Johann 'John' Christian Bach, generous portions of music were prepared overseas, and seasoned as only the British are capable of doing. The repertoire for gamba consort, for instance: a totally unique sound of which Phantasm offers a taste in an incisive string battle. We reserved a place of honour for Henry Purcell: the man who gave English Baroque its face. Vox Luministranslates the phenomenally beautiful fable The Fairy-Queen into a contemporary fairyland. Skip Sempé focuses on the English virginalists who marked the transition between Renaissance and Baroque. With a scratch concert according to English choral tradition and a lecture by Mimi Mitchell, we place the proverbial icing on the cake. Cheers!

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