Irene González Roldán

Música ibérica VIII

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Utrecht, Lutherse Kerk
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Irene González Roldán

The young Sevillan harpsichordist Irene González Roldán tells the story of 18th-century Spain, where Madrid was the pinnacle of keyboard art and Scarlatti cast long shadows over his Iberian brothers. But Sebastián de Albero, José de Nebra and Carlos Seixas also have a lot to say. With the Spanish Golden Age, local folk music and Italian virtuosity in a delightful swirl, this round of keyboard is a flavor bomb. 


  • Sebastián Ramón de Albero

    Recercata prima – Fuga prima – Sonata prima
    (from: Obras para clavicordio o piano forte, E-Mc4/1727(2)) 

    1722 - 1756
  • Antonio Soler

    Preludio IV in f minor
    (from: Llave de la Modulación, Madrid 1762)

    1729 - 1783
  • Carlos de Seixas

    Sonata in F minor

    Minuet in F major

    Sonata in F minor

    1704 – 1742
  • José Nebra

    Sinfonia II in E minor
    Allegro – Correnta viva – Vivo
    (from: E-Zac, B-2 s/n)

    1702 – 1768
  • Antonio Soler

    Preludio III in C major
    (from: Llave de la Modulación)

  • José de Nebra

    Sinfonia VIII in C major-minor
    [I] - Rondeau – [III] – Rondeau – La inconstancia de amor, minué – [VI] – [VII]
    (from: E-Zac, B-2 s/n)  

  • Antonio Soler

    Preludio I in D minor
    (from: Llave de la Modulación)

  • Félix Máximo López

    Variaciones del Fandango español
    (from: E-Mn, MC/4420/14)

    Programme subject to change

    1742 - 1821


  • Irene González Roldán harpsichord

About the performers

Harpsichordist Irene Gonzáles Roldán was born in southern Spain in 1997. She began to cultivate a profound passion for this instrument and the early music world when she was only 7 years old. Her dedication led her to pursue her studies in Spain, The Netherlands, and Switzerland. For the past several years, Irene has focused her studies and research on Spanish music from the 16th to 18th centuries, with special attention to Sevillian composer Francisco Correa de Araujo, as well as Scarlatti and his contemporaries. The latter has been the theme for her debut album Scarlatti & Beyond, which was recorded in June 2023. 

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