La Grande Chapelle

Alonso Lobo: Missa Beata Dei genetrix

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Utrecht, Domkerk
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La Grande Chapelle

He was once Francisco Guerrero's assistant; in 1604 Alonso Lobo himself became Kapellmeister at the Cathedral of Seville. But their bond was one for life, as suggested by Lobo's many masses based on Guerrero's work. Albert Recasens links Guerrero's six-part motet Beata Dei genetrix to Lobo's eponymous mass: a generous composition that demonstrates why this composer was considered by his contemporaries to be one of Spain's very greatest composers. 


  • Francisco Guerrero

    Motet: ‘Beata Dei genitrix’ 
    (from: Motecta festorum, Rome 1585) 

  • Alonso Lobo

    Missa ‘Beata Dei genitrix' 

    Motet: ‘O quam suavis est’ 
    Motet: ‘Vivo ego, dicit Dominus’ 
    (from: Liber primus missarum, Madrid 1602) 

    Missa ‘Beata Dei genitrix’ 

    Missa ‘Beata Dei genitrix’ 

    Motet: ‘Ave Regina caelorum’ 
    Motet: ‘Quam pulchri sunt’ 
    Motet: ‘Ave Maria’ 
    (from: Liber primus missarum, Madrid 1602) 

    Missa ‘Beata Dei genitrix’ 

    Motet: ‘Versa est in luctum’ 
    (from: Liber primus missarum, Madrid 1602)

    Programme subject to change 



  • Axelle Bernage, Raquel Mendes, Irene Mas Salom, María José Pire soprano
  • David Feldman, Andrea Gavagnin countertenor
  • Andrés Montilla-Acurero, William Knight, Ferran Mitjans, Jérémie Couleau tenor
  • Marcus Schmidl, Gabriele Lombardi bass
  • Jorge López-Escribano organ
  • Albert Recasens musical direction

About the performers

La Grande Chapelle is a vocal and instrumental early music ensemble with a European outlook. Its main objective is to apply new readings to the great vocal works of the 16th to 18th centuries, with special emphasis on the polychoral productions of the Baroque period. Upon its foundation in 2005, fired by a desire to spread Spain's musical heritage, La Grande Chapelle also set up its own independent record label, Lauda. In 2010 La Grande Chapelle received the inaugural FestClásica (the Spanish Classical Music Association Awards) Prize for its contribution to the performance and recovery of previously unrecorded Spanish music. 

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