Da Tempera Velha / Ariel Abramovich

Cancionero de Palacio

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Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg / Hertz
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Da Tempera Velha

Anno 1870. A codex containing unknown Spanish music is found in a corner of the library of the royal palace in Madrid. Twenty years later: the songs from the Cancionero de Palacio are published for the first time and prove to be the cornerstone of Iberian music history. Da Tempera Velha breathes life into these compositions which, despite their originality, prove to be truly a product of their time. 


  • Juan de Urrede

    Nunca fue pena mayor
    (from: Cancionero de Palacio, Spain 1470-1520) 

    fl. 1451-c1482
  • Juan del Encina

    Romerico, tú que vienes
    (from: Cancionero de Elvas, 16th century)

  • Alexander Agrícola

    (from: Cancionero de Segovia, 1499-1503)

  • Juan del Encina

    Es la causa bien amar
    (from: Cancionero de Palacio)

  • Bartolomeo Tromboncino

    Vox Clamantis in deserto
    (from: Cancionero de Palacio / Frottole III) 

  • Anonymous

    Zagaleja del Casar
    (from: Cancionero de Palacio) 

    15th century
  • Giacomo Fogliano

    L’amor dona ch’io te porto
    (from: Cancionero de Palacio / Frottole VII) 

  • Joan Ambrosio Dalza


    fl. 1508
  • Millán

    O vos omnes qui transitis por esta vía d'amor
    (from: Cancionero de Palacio) 

    fl. early 16th century
  • Johannes de Quadris

    Cum autem venissent ad locum
    (from: Libro primo delle laude spirituale, Rome 1585 / Cancionero de Montecassino, Naples c1480) 

    before 1410-after 1456
  • Anonymous

    Tierra y cielos se quexaban
    Pues es muerto el Rey del cielo
    (from: Cancionero de Palacio)

    15th century
  • Anonymous

    Adoramus te Domine
    (from: Cancionero de Montecassino)

    15th century
  • Guillaume Dufay

    Je vous prie
    (from: Cancionero de El Escorial, Montecassino 1460-1474) 

  • Juan de Urrede

    De vos y de mi quexoso
    (from: Cancionero de la Colombina, Seville 15th century / Cancionera de Palacio) 

  • Anonymous

    Oya tu merced y crea
    (from: Cancioneros de la Colombina, Segovia & Palacio) 

    15th century
  • Anonymous

    Ora bayla tú
    (from: Cancionero de Palacio)

    Programme subject to change

    15th century


  • Florencia Menconi soprano
  • Jonatan Alvarado tenor
  • Breno Quinderé bass
  • Ariel Abramovich lute

About the performers

Da tempera velha is an ensemble dedicated to the performance of historical repertories. Their interest lies in connecting a given repertoire with its wider cultural and historical context, by attempting to transcend common places with the hope of revealing new possible insights. They also aim to question contemporary, rather fix ideas of national tastes and styles, by focusing on the inherently international, collaborative nature of the musical sources and practices of the past. Their first CD, The Palacio Songbook was released by Glossa in September 2023, to great critical success.

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