The Royal Wind Music 

The Patio de los Naranjos

Bestel kaarten
Utrecht, Jacobikerk
Price € 10,00 - € 28,00
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The Royal Wind Music

NB: this concert takes place in the Jacobikerk instead of the Pieterskerk

In 1401, Seville decided to build a cathedral where the main mosque had previously stood. Santa María has now been the shining city centre for six hundred years and the third largest Christian church in Europe. Every stone tells a story, as Royal Wind Music knows. This Renaissance recorder ensemble guides us from the Patio de los Naranjos (Courtyard of the Orange Trees) to the chancel with Moorish-style improvisations, works from cathedral manuscripts and polyphony by heavyweights Guerrero, Morales and Fuenllana.


  • Improvisation

    Istijbar Raml-al-Maya

  • Anonymous

    Propiñan de Melyor 
    (From: Seville, Catedral Metropolitana, Biblioteca Capitular y Colombina, MS 7-I-28 ‘Cancionero de la Colombina’)

    late 15th century
  • Francisco Guerrero

    Virgo prudentissima

  • Cristóbal de Morales

    Regina caeli, laetare 
    (From: Toledo, Archivo y Biblioteca Capitulares de la Catedral Metropolitana, MS 21)

  • Juan Vásquez

    ¿Qué razón podéis tener? 
    Morenica me era yo

  • Miguel de Fuenllana

    Tiento no. 4 
    Fantasia no. 34 sobre un passo forçado, Ut re mi fa sol la

    fl. 1553-1578
  • Pedro de Escobar

    Missa Pro Defunctis 
    Agnus Dei

    c1465-after 1535
  • Francisco Guerrero

    Missa Pro Defunctis 
    In elevatione Domini: Hei mihi, Domine

  • Francisco Peraza

    Medio registro alto de primer tono 
    (From: El Escorial, Real Monasterio, MS LP 30)

  • Enrique

    Pues con sobra de tristura 
    (From: MS 7-I-28)

    fl. 1461-1488
  • Anonymous

    Niña y viña 
    (uit: MS 7-I-28)

    late 15th century
  • Alonso de Mudarra

    Pavana I & Gallarda 
    (From: Tres libros de música en cifra para vihuela, Seville 1546) 

  • Alonso Lobo

    Vivo ego, dicit Dominus

  • Francisco de Peñalosa

    Missa ‘Ave Maria Peregrina’ 
    Agnus Dei III (‘Vita dulcedo/De tous bien playne’) 

     Programme subject to change



  • Francesca Clements, Kristy van Dijk, Hester Groenleer, Marco Magalhães, María Martínez Ayerza, Juho Myllylä, Filipa Margarida Pereira, Paul Schauenburg, Daniel Scott, Irene Sorozábal Moreno, Anna Stegmann recorder
  • Hester Groenleer, María Martínez Ayerza artistical direction

About the performers

An array of international musicians perform repertoire from the golden age of polyphony on an impressive collection of Renaissance recorders: together they are The Royal Wind Music. The group was founded in 1997 by Paul Leenhouts and has captivated a steadily-growing worldwide audience ever since with its performances of instrumental music from the period 1520-1640. Playing entirely from memory and without a conductor, The Royal Wind Music is also known for its engaging performances and ability to communicate with the audience. 

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