Hespèrion XXI and friends / Jordi Savall

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Hespèrion XXI and friends / Jordi Savall

In about four centuries, colonisation, deportation and slavery claimed more than 25 million victims in Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean. Jordi Savall, himself a UNESCO Artist for Peace, reaches out to the past from living music in which the voices of the affected peoples can still be heard.

His soundscape of overseas territories also mirrors the traditions of Renaissance and Baroque Europe. We hear works by Gaspar Fernandes, Diego Durón, Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla, Felip Olivelles, Santiago de Murcia and numerous anonymous composers. On stage, in addition to Tembembe Ensamble Continuo, Savall welcomes guest musicians from Cuba, Haiti, Brazil, Mali, Venezuela and Mexico. Because silence equals forgetting. And to remember is the beginning of hope.  

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  • Part 1: 1440-1640

  • Traditional Mali

    Griot song: African Lament

  • Alonso

    La trivotea Samartín la vea (Canzon alla Villota)
    (from: Cancionero de Palacio nr. 247, Madrid 1505-1520)

    fl. 1500
  • Anonymous Nahuatl


  • Traditional Afro-Cuban

    Song to Oshun

  • Traditional Haïtian-Vodou


  • Traditional Brazilian / arr. Aloysio de Alencar Pinto

    Ofulú lorêrê-ê

  • Matheo Flecha

    San Sabeya gugurumbé
    (from: La Negrina)

  • Traditional Son jarocho

    Los Negritos / Gurumbé

  • Teodora Ginés

    El son de la Má’Toedora

  • Traditional Mali

    Griot song: Sinanon saran

  • Traditional

    Slave song: Look over yonder

  • Gaspar Fernandes

    Tleycantimo choquiliya


    Part 2: 1680-1880

  • Traditional / arr. Michel Costa

    Canto do Guerreiro (Caboclinho paraibano)

  • Traditional

    Slave song: You gonna reap what you sow

  • Traditional Guantánamo

    Changüi: La rumba está buena

  • Gaspar Fernandes / Anonymous Nahuatl

    Xicochi conetzintlé / Xochipitzahuatl

  • Jean-Philippe Rameau

    Air pour les esclaves africains instrumental

  • Anonymous Peru

    Cachua serranita nombrada: El Huicho Nuebo: No ay entendimiento humano
    (from: Codex Trujillo no. 19, Peru 1780)

    18th century
  • Traditional Haiti

    Tumba francesa

  • Traditional Mali


  • Traditional IsiXhosa

    Religious song and prayer: Indodana

  • Juan García de Zéspedes / Traditional Tixtla

    Guaracha: Ay, que me abraso, ay / El Arrancazacate

  • Mario Oropesa

    Aguacero, aguacerito

    Programme subject to change


  • Emilio Buale recitant
  • Neema Bickersteth voice
  • Sekouba Bambino Griot chant
  • Yannis François baritone, dance
  • Ballaké Sissoko kora, voice
  • Mamani Keita, Tanti Kouyaté, Fanta Sissoko choir
  • Maria Juliana Linhares soprano
  • Zé Luis Nascimento percussions
  • Teresa Yanet voice
  • Lixsania Fernández voice & bass viol
  • Marlon Rodríguez percussion & choirs
  • Frank Pereira guitar, tres cubano & choirs
  • Sylvie Henry voice
  • Iván García bass
  • La Capella Reial de Catalunya
  • Anna Piroli soprano
  • David Sagastume countertenor
  • Víctor Sordo tenor
  • Lluís Vilamajó tenor
  • Temembe Ensamble Continuo
  • Ada Coronel voice, dance
  • Leopoldo Novoa marimbol, marimba de chonta & tiple colombiano
  • Enrique Barona leona, jarana & voice
  • Ulises Martínez violin, vihuela, leona & voice
  • Hespèrion XXI
  • Pierre Hamon flutes
  • Béatrice Delpierre flute, shawm
  • Elies Hernandis sackbut
  • Josep Borràs dulcian
  • Xavier Puertas violone
  • Xavier Díaz-Latorre theorbo, guitar, vihuela de mano
  • Andrew Lawrence-King Spanish Baroque harp
  • David Mayoral percussion
  • Jordi Savall artistic direction, treble viol

With introduction

With after-talk

About the performers

Hesperion XXI was founded in 1974 by Jordi Savall and Montserrat Figueras, flutist Lorenzo Alpert, and lutenist Hopkinson Smith. The ensemble focuses on music from the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries and gained worldwide recognition with its dozens of recordings as one of the most important ensembles of the early music movement.

For more than fifty years, Jordi Savall has been rescuing musical gems from oblivion. His activities as a gambist, conductor, teacher, researcher and creator of new musical and cultural projects have made him a leading figure in the re-evaluation of historical music. He is praised for his efforts to achieve peace between different and sometimes warring peoples and cultures through music. 

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