Sanstierce & Ars Choralis Coeln / Maria Jonas & Bassem Hawar

Axa, Fatima & Maria

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Sanstierce & Ars Choralis Coeln

Cohabitating, fighting, forgiving, conquering: the Iberian Peninsula is the scene where three monotheistic world religions met as far back as the Middle Ages. Just as the languages Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish became intertwined, so does the music exude the interaction between Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Maria Jonas has mapped out a route to Al-Andalus. She highlights the richness of difference, and the wonder of connection. 


  • Anonymous

    Tres morillas
    (from: Cancioneiro de Palacio, Spain 1470-1520) 

    16th century
  • Traditional / text: Dunash ben Labrat

    D’ror Jikra 

    c920/25-after 985
  • Anonymous, Al-Andalus

    Kien kyere buena bentura

  • Anonymous / Yitzhak ibn Khalfoun


  • Anonymous, Al-Andalus

    Allah, y’a rabbi 

  • Judah Halevi

    Veni sidi, veni 

  • Anonymous, Al-Andalus 

    Ya habibi 

  • Anonymous / ? Alfonso el Sabio

    Quantos me crevéren
    (from: Cantigas de Santa Maria, no. 120)

    Programme subject to change



  • Ars Choralis Coeln
  • Pamela Petsch, Stefanie Brijoux, Cora Schmeiser voice
  • Sanstierce
  • Jalda Rebling voice
  • Saad Mahmood Jawad oud
  • Rageed William ney
  • Maria Jonas vocals, musical direction
  • Bassem Hawar djoze, musical direction

About the performers

Ars Choralis Coeln made its debut during the music festival Romanischer Sommer 2004 in Cologne. From the very beginning the ensemble has focused on the music of Hildegard von Bingen. In addition, under the direction of Maria Jonas, the ensemble explores the manuscripts in the library of the archdiocese and the cathedral of Cologne. 

The Sanstierce ensemble was founded in 2014 by Maria Jonas and Bassem Hawar. The Cologne singer and Iraqi musician each have separate musical backgrounds, but a similar goal: Jonas is busy unearthing music from the European Middle Ages that was hardly notated, while Hawar wants to ensure that orally transmitted Arabic music is not lost. At Sanstierce's concerts, these two worlds merge, while also retaining their own cultural significance. 

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