Mara Winter, Khouri, Kenney, Kang & De Asís


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Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg / Cloud Nine
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Mara Winter, Khouri, Kenney, Kang & De Asís

In our memories we are sometimes endlessly groping for the ghostly memories of places, people, words and sounds. For this performance, a five-member combo of singers, instrumentalists and composers, went searching for future dreams between Al-Andalus and today. Melodies of Occitan troubadours fused with Arabic maqam to create a contemporary interpretation of fin'amors: the essence of love, which cannot be contained by time, space or disaster. 


  • Tafsil

    A live performance supporting the poem ‘Holagu returns to Baghdad’ by Raphaël Amahl Khouri.

    Programme subject to change 


  • Raphaël Amahl Khouri voice, poetry
  • Jessika Kenney voice
  • Mara Winter transverse flutes
  • Eyvind Kang viola d'amore
  • Clara de Asís sound design

About the performers

Mara Winter is a performer, composer and photographer who spends her time exploring the infinite braid of the past and present. Her musical journey blends a profound personal artistic ethos with a deep commitment to technical fluency in historical flutes. Mara's ongoing research explores the application of physical, intuitive microtonal tuning techniques to enhance the nuances of 16th-century modal music.

Raphaël Amahl Khouri is a queer transgender Arab-German documentary playwright and theatre maker living between Cairo and Berlin. Khouri wrote several plays and is, among other things, part of the Climate Change Theater Action and their play Oh, How We Loved Our Tune! was read internationally as part of the initiative.

Jessika Kenney is a vocalist, composer/improviser, and teacher. She has studied sindhenan with many great musicians of Javanese gamelan in and outside Indonesia, and Persian radifs, since 2004. 

Eyvind Kang is a composer, violist and conductor who has released many acclaimed albums on labels such as Tzadik, Ipecac, Abduction and Ideologic Organ, as well as worked on hundreds of recordings as an instrumentalist and arranger.

Clara de Asís is a composer and artist who explores the nexus of acoustics, spatiality and auditory perception in the field of electronic and contemporary experimental music, using sound as a vehicle to investigate wider socio-cultural constructs. She incorporates sound synthesis to idiosyncratic combinations of diverse materials, found objects and traditional instrumentation. 

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