Opening concert: Música Temprana / Adrián Rodríguez Van der Spoel

Grandiose Améfrica Ladina

Bestel kaarten
Utrecht, Domkerk
Price € 10,00 - € 44,00
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Música Temprana

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In the last decades of the 17th century, when the Spanish ruled in parts of the Americas, first-rate professional music groups emerged. The enormous wealth, resulting from the mining of precious metals and inseparable from the exploitation of people, led to musical splendour in the great cathedrals.

Música Temprana presents grand and spacious music in their concert, with choirs arranged left, right and centre in the Domkerk. These choirs are complemented, in a typically Spanish way, by wind instruments and harps.  

For Adrián Rodríguez Van der Spoel, it is a symbolic programme: ‘The three-choir music is music that represents “us and the others”. Améfrica Ladina - the term coming from Brazilian anthropologist Lélia Gonzalez - represents America, Africa and the Latin background. In other words: the indigenous population, the enslaved people and the Europeans. For me, the polychoral music is a recognition of these different groups of people, with empathy for each other.’ 

Made possible by the Embassy of Spain, The Hague.

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  • Francisco Guerrero

    Duo seraphim

  • Juan de Araujo

    Dixit Dominus 

  • Antonio de Salazar

    Arde afable hermosura

  • Anonymous

    Ne recorderis
    (from: Codex Santa Eulalia 7, Guatemala)

    17th century
  • Anonymous

    Miserere mei deus

    Bolivia 18th century
  • Anonymous

    Esta es la cena de amor llenoa / Hoi nace la nueva estiella
    De la sagrada Maria
    Virgen madre de Dios
    (from: Santa Eulalia 7)

  • Antonio de Salazar

    Credidi propter quod

  • Juan de Araujo

    Oigan, escuchen, atiendan

  • Anonymous

    La Salve para la Virgen

    Programme subject to change

    Chiquitos 18th century


  • Música Temprana
  • Lina López, Olalla Alemán, Darta Liepina soprano
  • Victoria Cassano, Luciana Cueto, Maximiliano Baños, Laura López alto
  • Emilio Aguilar, Jan van Elsacker, Camilo Delgado Díaz tenor
  • Pablo Acosta, Javier Jiménez Cuevas bass
  • Nuria Sanromà cornetto
  • Matthijs van der Molen, Simen van Mechelen sackbut
  • François de Rudder, Wouter Verschuren dulcian
  • Nick Milne viola da gamba
  • Claudia Vélez violone
  • Claudio Ribeiro, Jorge López Escribano organ
  • Johanna Seitz, Emma Huijsser, Manuel Vilas Rodríguez harp
  • Bram Verheijen, Bram Trowborst, João Luis Veloso Pixão, Marco Pedreira Marques Ferreira capella gregoriana
  • Adrián Rodríguez Van der Spoel musical direction

About the performers

Founded in 2001 by Argentine-Dutch conductor Adrián Rodríguez Van der Spoel, Música Temprana specialises in Baroque repertoire from Latin America. Música Temprana's musicians are classically trained, but all have musical roots in the Latin American music tradition, so Baroque and folklore go hand in hand. The repertoire comes mainly from the archives, cathedrals and Jesuit missions of Latin America, where Rodríguez Van der Spoel regularly searches for forgotten compositions.

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