Tenebrae responsoria by Francisco de Santiago

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Utrecht, Jacobikerk
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Was he Seville's first Baroque composer? Portuguese Francisco de Santiago – thought to be a pupil of Manuel Cardoso - succeeded Alonso Lobo as maestro de capilla of the Seville Cathedral in 1617. There he started a compositional practice that broke radically with the past. King João IV was a fan, as attested to by Graindelavoix. The ensemble is eager to discover this forgotten vedette and Francisco de Santiago’s eccentric eight-part responsoria for Holy Week. 


  • Tenebrae for Holy Thursday

  • Manuel Cardoso

    In monte Oliveti

  • Francisco de Santiago

    Tristis est anima mea
    Ecce vidimus eut
    Amicus meus
    Judas mercator pessimus
    Unus ex discipulis
    Eram quasi agnus innocens
    Una hora non potuisti
    Seniores populi


    Tenebrae for Good Friday

  • António Carreira

    Omnes amici mei

  • Francisco de Santiago

    Velum templi 
    Vinea mea electa
    Tamquam ad latronem
    Tenebrae factae sunt
    Animam meam dilectam
    Tradiderunt me  
    Jesum tradidit
    Caligaverunt oculi mei

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  • Teodora Tommasi soprano, arpa doppia
  • Florencia Menconi soprano
  • André Pérez Muíño tenor
  • Albert Riera tenor
  • Gabriel Belkheiri tenor
  • Andrés Miravete tenor
  • Tomás Maxé bass
  • Arnout Malfliet bass
  • Floris De Rycker theorbo
  • Björn Schmelzer artistical direction

About the performers

Graindelavoix is an Antwerp based, multidisciplinary company with a fascination for the voice, the genealogy of vocal repertoires and their relationships with the affective body, history and territory. The ensemble was founded in 1999 by anthropologist and ethnomusicologist Björn Schmelzer. The group does not abide by the unwritten aesthetic ‘etiquette’ of the early music world; it seeks out alternative options that enable it to give priority to expression and intensity. Björn Schmelzer was curator in residence of the Utrecht Early Music Festival 2018.  

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