ÀRT HOUSE 17 – ¡Olé!

24 - 29 Aug | 11.00 & 15.00 hrs

ÀRT HOUSE 17 - ¡Olé!

25 Aug 11.00 Ārt House 17 (Foppe Schut)

Seville also plays a starring role in world literature. It is where the story of Don Quixote was conceptualized, and where Carmen, Don Juan and overzealous barber Figaro enjoyed their operatic adventures. High time to bring all these characters together, thought ĀRT HOUSE 17. In a barbershop in a Parisian suburb, rumours about a lottery win set a crazy series of events in motion. The result: grand arias, emotional rollercoasters, wild dances, and acrobatics of all kinds.