Arlequin Philosophe

Closing concert: Kourou – Caribbean Baroque of Kourou

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Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg / Grote zaal
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Arlequin Philosophe

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Kourou, a village in French Guiana. It is 1763 and an organized migration campaign brings roughly 11,000 farmers, craftsmen and artists from Europe to the French colony. The goal: to develop a prosperous, scientifically advanced and culturally vibrant community that would be at the forefront of overseas modernity. Political squabbling and logistical upheaval led to failure.

Arlequin Philosophe, Pedro Memelsdorff's new Baroque ensemble, brings out the awkward truth to the rhythm of African love songs, solemn funeral music, dazzling salon hits and religious repertoire from the Guyan jungle. 

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  • Jerry Goldsmith


  • Traditional

    La Retraite – L’Ordonnance
    Les Gardes Françoises

    Saintonge, 18th century
  • Anonymous

    Adiosso me de go

    Suriname, 18th century
  • Anonymous

    Consécration (Suivons l’amour)
    Pater (Musette de Desjardins)
    Offertoire (Agréable solitude)
    (from: Messe en cantiques à l’usage des nègres, Paris 1763)

    Cayenne, 18th century
  • François-Joseph Gossec

    Symphonie periodique 1

  • Philipp Joseph Hinner

    Sonata op. 6 no. 1

    1754-after 1805
  • de Tremais

    Sonata op. 4 no. 2
    Tempo di Minuetto

    Sonata op. 1 no. 1

    Sonata op. 4 no. 3
    Tempo di Minuetto

    fl. 1728/51 
  • Philipp Joseph Hinner 

    Op. 7
    Dors, mon enfant

  • de Tremais 

    Sonata op. 4 no. 5

  • Philipp Joseph Hinner 

    Op. 7

  • Giovanni Giornovichi

    Violin Concerto no. 16

  • Adolphe Blaise

    Pour nous est fait le plaisir
    (from: Isabelle et Gertrude, 1765) 

  • Pablo Ortiz / Pedro Memelsdorff

    Sautrelles, ou l’épidémie

    1956- / 1959-
  • François-Joseph Gossec 

    Grande Messe des morts
    Dies Irae

  • André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry

    Confitebor tibi, Domine
    Memor erit – Intellectus – Gloria Patri

  • Jerry Goldsmith


    Programme subject to change


  • Kathrin Hottiger soprano
  • Markéta Cukrová mezzosoprano
  • Marco Angiolini tenor
  • Marco Saccardin baritone, lute
  • Théotime Langlois de Swarte solo violin
  • Ayano Shigematsu violin
  • Alessandro D’Amico viola
  • Hyngun Cho cello
  • Alberto Jara double bass
  • Jean-Christophe Dijoux harpsichord, organ
  • Angéline Sanfourche harp
  • Johanna Bartz traverso
  • Miriam Jorde Hompanera, Olga Marulanda oboe
  • Pepe Reche, Vicent Serra Primo natural horn
  • Claire Ombeline Muhlmeyer, Lili Soletti, Adrien Muller sackbut
  • Daniel Munarritz, Dídac Moral, Albert López percussions
  • Maite Ruiz de Erentxun accordion
  • Pedro Memelsdorff musical direction

With introduction

With after-talk

About the performers

The newly founded ensemble Arlequin Philosophe gathers some of the finest and most celebrated Europe-based young musicians specialized in Baroque and late-Baroque repertoires. Its first performances in Poland and Germany have proven Arlequin Philosophe’s repertoire to be unique in its variety and thought-provoking intensity, as expressed by the many positive reviews in Berlin/Potsdam, Wroclaw, Washington, New Orleans and New York.

Music director, recorder player and musicologist Pedro Memelsdorff has long been a member of Jordi Savall’s Hesperion XXI and of a duo with Andreas Staier. In 1987 he founded the ensemble Mala Punica, specialized in late medieval polyphony. With these ensembles, or as a guest conductor, he has performed in most European countries, in the USA, central and south America, Israel and Japan.

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