Capella de la Torre

De la Torre plays De la Torre

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Utrecht, Jacobikerk
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Capella de la Torre

For centuries, worship services in Seville Cathedral were accompanied not only by religious music but also by instrumental interludes, dance and 'juegos': a touch of musical theatre. Capella de la Torre found historical evidence in the cathedral records and performs Francisco de la Torre and Francisco Guerrero as 'Maestros de Capilla e de los Seises'. They become the protagonists in this hybrid Renaissance spectacle in which city musicians grant a dancing dimension to the liturgy. 



  • Luys Milán

    Prelude: Pavane instrumental

  • Francisco Guerrero

    O celestial medicina

  • Plainchant / Francisco Guerrero

    Pange Linqua / Tantum ergo

  • Matheo Flecha

    La Girigonça

  • Francisco de la Torre

    Dime, triste coraçón 
    Danza Alta instrumental

    fl. 1483-1504
  • Francisco Guerrero

    O sacrum convivium (Corpus Christi) a 6 

  • Tomás Luis de Victoria

    Lausa Sion Salvatorem a 8 

  • Anonymous

    Danza por los seises a 6 instrumental

    17th century
  • Juan de Urreda

    Pange lingua 

    fl. 1451-c1482
  • Anonymous / Francisco de la Torre

    Canarios / Pascua d’Espiritu santo (Corpus 1485) 

  • Anonymous / Francisco Tejada


  • Francisco Guerrero

    Missa In te Domine speravi
    Agnus Dei 

  • Anonymous / Francisco Tejada

    La Gitanilla / La Zambomba instrumental

  • Juan Vásquez

    Gracias al cielo doy 

  • Juan Aranes

    Un sarao de la ciaconna

    ?-after 1649
  • Francisco de la Torre 

    Adoramoste, Señor

    Programme subject to change


  • Margaret Hunter soprano
  • Minsub Hong tenor
  • Hans Wijers bariton
  • Hildegard Wippermann, Eleonora Trivella alto pommer
  • Regina Hahnke, Annette Hils bass dulcian
  • Yosuke Kurihara trombone
  • Mike Turnbull percussion
  • Johannes Vogt lute
  • Martina Fiedler organ
  • Katharina Bäuml musical direction, shawm

About the performers

Capella de la Torre, Katherina Bäuml’s alta cappella, is one of the most prominent wind ensembles of our day. The name is an homage to the Spanish composer Francisco de la Torre, but also has a literal meaning: ‘de la torre’ means ‘from the tower’ – a reference to the groups of wind players who played from towers and balconies on official occasions. As well as Spanish music, the ensemble plays repertoire of the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries from every corner of Europe. 

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