Javier Núñez

Música ibérica IV

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Utrecht, Lutherse Kerk
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Javier Núñez

It remains a mystery why Manuel Blasco de Nebra is not more widely known: this has to be one of the most original voices of the 18th-century Spanish scene! This born-and-bred Sevillian composed music of refinement and melancholy, movement and clarity, full of graceful melodies and spicy sound effects reminiscent of the guitar. Javier Núñez performs Nebra's finest sonatas and pastorelas on the harpsichord. 


  • Manuel Blasco de Nebra

    Sonata no. 5 in F-sharp minor
    Adagio - Presto

    Sonata no. 3 in D major
    Adagio - Allegro 

  • Josep Gallés

    Sonata no. 9 in C minor

  • Manuel Blasco de Nebra

    Sonata no. 4 in G minor
    Adagio - Allegro molto

    Sonata no. 12 in F major

    Sonata no. 1 in C minor
    Adagio - Allegro

  • Félix Máximo López

    Variaties op Fandango Español

    Programme subject to change



  • Javier Núñez harpsichord

About the performers

Javier Núñez has been described by critics as a virtuoso harpsichord player, extraordinarily expressive and endowed with a particular taste for ornamentation. And with reason. He is currently developing an intense career as a soloist as well as a basso continuo player. He has given solo recitals at several festivals throughout Europe, and performed worldwide with groups such as Accademia del Piacere an L’Estro d’Orfeo.

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